Derrike Cope won the Daytona 500, and says that wasn't his biggest win


Back in 1990, Derrike Cope shocked the racing world when he won the Daytona 500. Some have called it the greatest upset in Daytona 5o0 history.

And while that race has so much prestige, Cope said it wasn't the biggest win of his career. He says his 1990 win at Dover takes the top spot.

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"There was do much ridicule that we didn't deserve to win (Daytona) but to go back to Dover it took everything the team and the driver had to go out and put yourself in a position to win," he said in an interview with Alt-Driver. "It solidified the fact that I could drive a race car."

So this requires a bit of a history lesson. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was leading Daytona when, with just a half-lap to go, he blew a tire when he cut it on debris. That allowed Cope to swoop in and win the race.

For those who criticized Cope and said his win was a fluke, they ignored the fact that he was running second in the final laps and held off a charging Terry Labonte.

As he said, the race at Dover proved that he could drive.