An American car is officially the fastest RWD car in the half mile


How fast is fast enough? Ask a half mile racer and they may look at you funny. If you've been following half mile events over the last decade you'd know these cars are getting a little nutty, in a good way.

Recently, the fastest rear-wheel drive record was broken and the title holder is now a Twin-Turbo Dodge Viper clocking in at a crazy 237 mph.

That speed is truly impressive as the over all record holder that runs a 255 mph half mile, is an all-wheel drive GTR and it took 3,000 horsepower to get there. Keep in mind this is an un-prepped surface so this environment doesn't really compare to say a prepped quarter mile track where rear-wheel drive cars have gone much faster than 237 mph. Plus, did you see that full interior? This car is likely driven on the street which is just ridiculous!


In reading the comments, Big Kleib34 who posted the video said this:

"This car gas gone 215+ (mph) on a prepped quarter mile track so it's all about traction, you can hear the traction control working hard at the beginning of each pass."

Although this video doesn't show the record pass, the symphony created by this wonderful boosted V10 is more than enough to hold you over for the release of that footage.

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