danica patrick valentine's day interview with alan cavanna

Interviewer Gives Danica Patrick a Flower, but Interview Hits Some Speed Bumps



Ooof. That's my initial thought after watching this NASCAR interview with Danica Patrick. However, with her serious and straight-faced attitude, I've certainly seen her give people more grief than this, so I'd say these guys got off pretty lightly overall. It's always hard to tell if Danica is just joking around or if she's coming at you, but there's no denying that she gave this interviewer a hard time for a second there.

At the start of this interview for NASCAR Media Day several years back, Danica receives a flower, but she doesn't exactly react with cheer and joy. Her response wasn't necessarily a shot at interviewer Alan Cavanna, but she does take a shot at her current significant other at the time, who was fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., for not giving her a flower himself. Following that, they continue to ask her more questions about racing. After a lengthy lead-up to a question, Danica quickly rebuttals back, explaining her confusion with too many questions being asked at once. Her intense demeanor is pretty hilarious to watch, but I will say these interviewers handled it pretty well and acted professional in the process.

Maybe she was a bit tense because it was Valentine's Day, or maybe she was just giving shit for the sake of her persona, but it was an interesting interview to say the least. After they got through the first couple questions, things seemed to go a lot smoother. Still, Danica answers the following questions in a blunt, straightforward way, but you can't really blame her. I'm sure she's been asked the same thing multiple times.


I'd imagine it can be a bit frustrating when you want to talk about your racing career, but they'd rather talk about who you're dating. Overall, Danica gave them just as much slack as they probably deserved, but they still managed to get a pretty good group of answers out of her. Don't mess with Danica Patrick, or she'll be quick to call you out!

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