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Danica Patrick shows everyone how she keeps in such great shape for those grueling races


NASCAR races last several hours, and they are exhausting for drivers both physically and mentally. Though the drivers are sitting down throughout the race, they still need to be in good shape to handle the physical toll of a four-hour race.

Danica Patrick has a new book called "Pretty Intense," and she made an appearance on Good Morning America to demonstrate her workout moves that she uses to stay in shape.

She detailed how her book includes a 12-week workout plan with 50 recipes for a healthier lifestyle.

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Patrick said the first few chapters of the book also deal with the mental aspect of being healthier.

She said her mom also started the workout plan, and the organizational aspect helped her keep up with the routine daily.

Each workout is about 20-25 minutes, and she went over one of the workouts with Robin Roberts on GMA.

Many NASCAR drivers do something to stay in shape, and several have taken up cycling to get healthier. Patrick said racing at the Daytona 500 in February is mentally and physically exhausting, so having a plan and routine helps her with the grind of a NASCAR race.