Dale Jr. makes a weird request at the Super Bowl, and doesn’t care Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Since his retirement from the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has embarked on his new career as an analyst for NBC Sports, and his first gig with them took him to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII.

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In addition to working with the network for the big game, Earnhardt was able to take in some of the game with his wife Amy in the NBC suite. In a recent episode of his Dale Jr. podcast, Earnhardt discussed a random incident that took place in the suite during the game.

“We were in the NBC suite watching the game, everything’s great hanging out with Bode Miller and his wife, super nice folks and they’re expecting and Amy’s six months pregnant,” Earnhardt said. “Well Jimmy Fallon came in there and he sat down for a quarter and watched the game with the NBC folks.

“So we’re sitting there watching the game and he’s getting ready to leave, Jimmy Fallon I guess he’s going to go do his show back in New York,” Earnhardt added. “He was kinda walking out, and on his way out, one of the ladies in there asked, ‘Would you like to say hello to him before he leaves’ I said, ‘Of course, Yeah.'”

If the situation wasn’t already a bit weird it got even more so after Fallon, the host of the Tonight Show, came over to say hello.

“So he comes over and I said, ‘Hey how are you doing’ and he said ‘Oh ma,n so good to see you’ I said to myself, man this could’ve been anybody but it was Jimmy Fallon and I’m thinking ‘Jimmy, Amy’s pregnant will you bless our baby,’ ” Earnhardt said. “So he leaned down and said ‘Hey you are at the Super Bowl I can’t wait to meet you.’ ”


“I’ll never meet him again, I’ll never see him again,” Earnhardt added.

Then a few of the guys on his podcast reminded him that he and Fallon now work for the same company, so there’s a good chance they’ll cross paths again.

“Alright, whatever, he blessed the baby she’s gonna be awesome.”

If this is what happened with Dale Jr. at the Super Bowl. we can only imagine what will happen at the Winter Olympics.

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