Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s retirement party has the most incredible NASCAR-themed cake we've ever seen


How do you send off a beloved worker into retirement? Maybe a gold watch, but definitely an office party with a retirement cake. When the retiree is 15 time most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., a watch might still work, but the party and cake have to be next level. Like this, for example:

That. Cake. Is. Awesome! The checkerboard base has a redlining tach with a little Dale Jr. standing on top with flags with his race wins per year. The next layer is an amazingly well done tire. Then the obligatory nods to his 88 cars and 15 most popular driver wins is topped by the best part. A Budweiser in mid pour overflowing a mug.

How do you even cut into such a work of art?

If you ever find yourself in the presence of such an awesome cake, here's a Pro tip: Try not to get a tire piece or one with the checkered flag. Black frosting is disgusting and will stain your teeth. Now you know.


H/T USAToday