Dale Jr. gives such a touching speech it makes Martin Truex Jr. cry


Prior to Martin Truex Jr. being honored for his amazing championship season, he was honored by one of his closest friends and the guy that gave him his start in NASCAR.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., came out and said some kind words about his good buddy in his introduction speech. So kind, they made both Truex and his girlfriend Sherry Pollex shed some tears.

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Earnhardt shared that Truex is not only a champion in NASCAR, but a champion on so many other levels.


"Tonight we celebrate our championship driver," said Earnhardt. "But to me and many that know him, he's a champion in so many other ways."

"Like when his professional career turned challenging, his options limited, he blamed no one," added Earnhardt."He kept his head high, he persevered, because he's a champion person."

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Earnhardt eluded to the cancer battle Pollex has been fighting since 2014 and how Truex has been there to support her the entire time.


"While the love of his life battles the most evil of diseases, and he stands with her to make her fight, his fight," said Earnhardt. "He's a champion partner."

Not only are the two colleagues in racing, but they're really good friends off the track. They spend time together, hunting and fishing.

"When he's away from the track, perhaps enjoying his true passion for hunting or fishing," said Earnhardt.  "You realize this, he's a champion friend."

"He's the man, a champion in so many ways and no one more deserving of this night," Earnhardt added.