Martin Truex Jr. got expertly roasted after burning it down at the Vegas Strip


Don't ever challenge a NASCAR driver to a burnout, especially one that had eight wins this year to practice them.

During the parade down the Las Vegas Strip for Champion's week, this lady offered up a challenge to Martin Truex Jr. Asking if he could do a better burnout Kyle Busch. "I can do a better burnout than anybody," he answered. Despite some shoddy camera work, an epic burnout was had. Truex lit up the strip until he blew out his tires and he and his passenger were enveloped by smoke.

Before exiting the car, a team member had the perfect response to the righteous burnout: "You're not trying to pass tech!"


Throughout the year, drivers expressed concern over post-race burnouts destroying the back of winning cars in an effort to get away with possibly out-of-spec cars, but now that the season is over, everyone can laugh about it. Or at least, the newly crowned champion can.

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