NASCAR officials have been discussing the possibility of creating a “cone rule” for short tracks to end some of the gamesmanship between drivers.

SiriusXM NASCAR Radio analyst Pete Pistone joined NASCAR America on Wednesday, and he actually advocated against the cone rule.

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“I’m against another rule, that’s kind of where I am here,” Pistone said. “It’s gamesmanship, I get it. … I would hate to think that NASCAR has to intervene, guys, to save them from themselves. I personally think this is something that would take care of itself.”

NASCAR America’s Steve Letarte agreed with Pistone, and he said there are already enough rules in place for drivers.

“Enough already with the rules,” Letarte said. “This is about competition. If I want to slam on the brakes on that pit road for the name of competition. So be it. That’s like saying a quarterback can’t take a knee. ‘No, you have to have a real play. You can’t just take a knee.’ Enough is enough and the rulebook is already thick enough.”

The cone rule would give drivers the option of which lane they wanted to restart in following a caution flag. Drivers can then decide on different strategies on where to restart.

(h/t NBC Sports)

NASCAR analyst offers strong opinion: ‘Enough already with the rules’ Jason Smith/Getty Images
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