Danica Patrick's Indy 500 dream has just suffered a huge blow


After Danica Patrick made her emotional speech prior to the finale at Homestead, announcing her decision to step away from full-time racing, she let it be known their would be two more races in her career.

Patrick said she'd like to race the Daytona 500 in February and finish off her career at the Indianapolis 500 -- that is if she could find a ride for each.

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Patrick had been in talks with Chip Ganassi Racing in an effort to make her dream a reality, but apparently talks have stalled, according to kickthetires.net. The two had been in some"very brief conversations at a high level" according to Ganassi.


"You know I think it is a great opportunity for her to do that, to go out of the sport the way she wants to, driving Daytona and Indy," Ganassi said. "And, you know, we had some conversations and it was very, very brief conversations at a high level and I think it is a great idea for her."

Ganassi also said he thinks Patrick driving in both of the races is a good idea for her, but he was uncertain if it would be with CGR. There are only two owners that run teams in both the NASCAR Cup Series as well as the IndyCar Series -- Ganassi and Roger Penske of Team Penske.

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Whatever deal Patrick and Ganassi may have been working towards appears to be off the table. Ganassi briefly discussed the breakdown in communication between the two sides to motorsports reporter Dave Despain at the opening breakfast of the Performance Racing Industry Show.


"You know, I think it has probably stalled a little bit," Ganassi said. "You know the talks have maybe stalled."

"It's not anyone's fault or any reason, I think it is just we, sort of, have different things in mind," added Ganassi. "Nobody is right or wrong here but, yeah, probably not going to happen."