NASCAR's plans to add another manufacturer anytime soon has taken a big hit

NASCAR wants to deepen the pool of car manufacturers running on tracks. Currently, NASCAR has just three - Chevy, Toyota and Ford. But if other manufacturers want to race in this decade, they'll need to get it in gear soon.

NESN reports NASCAR president Brent Dewar as saying no new model information from outside manufacturers has been submitted for review. NASCAR rules dictate that any new proposal has to be submitted one year before the car can race.

"We're close to the time period -- if someone new would come in, the earliest someone could come in would be (2019)," Dewar told "After that passes, it would be 2020."

NASCAR has loosened some of the mandates that may have hampered efforts to bring in new models. No longer will a 2-door race car need to have a comparable 4-door road car. This change opened the door for Chevy to submit their Camaro.

"Again, we want to be a reflection of the products they want to bring to the race track to race," Dewar said. "Trucks have to be trucks and cars can be two-door or four doors. And we work with them on that to allow enough planning."