Chase Elliott still doesn’t want to talk about whether or not he will be retaliating after being spun from the lead by Denny Hamlin last weekend. But that doesn’t mean he’s over it.

Elliott says that his thoughts on the incident haven’t changed much from last week and that he is, “Still pretty frustrated about it.”

If anything, it’s gotten worse.

What fuels that frustration, is having time to marinate on the fact that he was mere laps away from locking up a spot in the championship race.

The Elliott-Hamlin feud promises to dominate the race — it’s already dominated the story lines this week — and both drivers will be closely watched as they go around the track.

While Hamlin has been vocal this week — he insists the wreck wasn’t intentional, even though he apologized for it — Elliott hasn’t said much of anything, and Hamlin said he hasn’t spoken to him either. The closest we’ve come to any comment from the Elliott camp was a veiled threat by his crew chief, Alan Gustafson.

Chase Elliott explains how he feels a week after the wreck NASCAR / Youtube
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