Richard Petty and STP go together like a cut tire and the wall. And, for the 47th season, the legendary duo will stay together. NBC Sports reports that STP will be a primary sponsor for two races in 2018 for Richard Petty Motorsport’s number 43 car driven by Bubba Wallace.

“They’ve been with Richard Petty since 1972,” Wallace said on the NASCAR On NBC podcast. “That’s a long time and it’s such a special, unique bond they have.”

Also on the podcast, Wallace indicated he is loving his time with the King since he signed on this past month.

“What you see at the racetrack is what you see away from the racetrack, and I think that’s really special because that’s the way I try to carry myself,” Wallace said. “I’m really looking forward to next year, being around him.”

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The most iconic NASCAR partnership will stay together for a 47th year
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