during practice for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Pure Michigan 400 at Michigan International Speedway on August 12, 2017 in Brooklyn, Michigan.

Brad Keselowski continued his crusade against Toyota to start the offseason


Brad Keselowski's crusade against Toyota's dominance in NASCAR has continued into the offseason.

When someone on Twitter pointed out that Toyotas won eight of 10 playoff races in response to an earlier Keselowski tweet about Toyota, Kes responded sarcastically.

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Keselowski, a Ford driver, has been critical of Toyota's dominance all season and claimed the Japanese manufacturer is far ahead of Ford and Chevy.


Kyle Busch, a Toyota driver, said Keselowski's claims were ridiculous, but Toyota did in fact dominate in 2017. Toyota driver Martin Truex Jr. won the title, and Busch came in second. Toyotas combined for 13 wins this year.

Keselowski probably won't let this one go for a while, and we'll have to wait until next year to see if Ford and Chevy have caught up with Toyota.