Here’s how to tell someone to shut up.

Beat them.

In the heat of their latest Twitter war, in which Busch told KES to “STFU” on Twitter, Busch won the pole at Chicagoland by taking his No. 18 Camry around the track at 187.963.

He let his performance on the track do the talking — well, sort of. He couldn’t resist taking another dig at his nemesis.

“You’d like to be doing your talking on the race track, and they (Keselowski and Team Penske) were earlier in the year,” Busch said in remarks to “They were doing their talking on the race track and again, we kept our head down and went to work and did our job to make our stuff faster.

“Now he’s doing the opposite. As far as having Twitter wars or whatever else, I don’t know. I’d like to not have to. I guess somebody needs to take it off my phone.”

Kyle Busch tells Brad Keselowski to shut up in a way no one can argue with Matt Sullivan/Getty Images
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