Kes is the latest to honor Dale Jr. in a way that will help others


Brad Keselowski and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have lots in common. They've both driven race cars sponsored by beer companies, both have won at Talladega multiple times, and both are well-versed in the fine art of social media.

If you follow both drivers on Twitter, then you're probably have already seen an exchange between the two competitors where the driver of the No. 2 Ford pledged to donate proceeds from t-shirt sales commemorating his recent win at Talladega to The Dale Jr. Foundation, according to

Earnhardt Jr. made sure to express his gratitude via a Tweet after becoming aware of Keselowski's kind gesture.


This isn't the only time Keselowski has shown public support for Earnhardt Jr. That's because a #Cheers2DaleJr decal was featured on the side of Keselowski's race car during the event at Talladega, which happens to be the track where Dale Jr. holds the record for most consecutive victories, with four..

Keselowski also paid homage to Dale Jr. prior to the Talladega race when he wrote the following on his personal blog: "Dale Jr. is one of a kind, and someone we can all be proud to be associated with. Most competitors aren't necessarily humble by nature. His humility really set him apart in a lot of ways. He has a massive fanbase, a ton of sponsors, and made a ton of money. But he never bragged about what he had, or what he had accomplished. He's never been that way. I've always really respected him for that."

Dale Jr. might not care to brag about himself, but Keselowski certainly has no problem telling the world about Earnhardt's accomplishments.


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