The best moments for NASCAR Race Hub include some hilarious bloopers


NASCAR Race Hub has been on the air for nearly a decade, and although some changes have been made, it's still top-notch entertainment.

The show stars hosts Adam Alexander and Shannon Spake and they discuss all things NASCAR, all of the time. Like any show, there are bound to be a few bloopers from time-to-time and their best of 2017 compilation showcased a couple of them.

They did the "Chubby Bunny Challenge" during which you fill your mouth full of marshmallows and attempt to say chubby bunny as clear as humanly possible. Alexander was laughing so hard when he tried it, it seemed as if the marshmallows would fall out of his mouth at any time.

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Another clip showed Alexander sitting beside Bubba Wallace as the two gazed at a cell phone and laughed hysterically. We're not sure what the two of them were watching, but it was enough to send Alexander falling to the floor.

During an interview between Spake and Kyle Larson, apparently the earpiece in Larson's ear was a bit louder than it should've been, so Spake whispered to him. The best part of the ordeal was when Larson whispered back to her.

But, by far our favorite moment was the celebration of racing icon Richard "The King" Petty's 80th birthday. What better way to celebrate than the coolest birthday cake of all-time? The three-tiered cake had a checkered flag pattern around the base layer, with the number 80 and the FS1 logo, with the NASCAR Race Hub logo as the third and final layer. But if that weren't enough they also had a replica of Petty's famous hat on the top of the cake and a replica of his No. 43 race car along the side.

NASCAR Race Hub airs weekdays at 6 p.m. on FOX Sports 1.