After NASCAR shut down a great idea, Hendrick makes a super change to the No. 88 car

That was fast.

After NASCAR said "no" to a proposed paint scheme for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kasey Kahne, Hendrick Motorsports has made a change -- and the results are even better!

Hendrick had to make the change because, originally, it wanted to have different paint schemes on each side of the car, and that's prohibited by NASCAR.


Even Jr. sent out a tweet questioning the paint job.

"I saw the car for the first time Friday and when I saw it I said 'Hm, it has two different sides. I didn't think that was allowed in NASCAR.' So this is going to be fun to see how this plays out," Junior said. "The race is Sunday."

But now, all is good, and we'll get to see Batman on the No. 88.