Smithfield Foods has taken a public relations beating from NASCAR fans this week.

After it announced it was leaving Richard Petty Motorsports, The King released a statement that said he had a handshake agreement with Smithfield for the sponsorship to continue. Then Smithfield fired back and called Petty a liar — the company said it had no such agreement — and ripped the team for putting out a sub-par product that wasn’t competitive enough for its liking.

Now, Kasey Kahne has come out on support of Smithfield with this one, short tweet.

Kahne later said there’s nothing to the tweet, that he doesn’t like negativity and simply thanked a sponsor for staying with NASCAR.

Still, some found humor in the situation, and this has been making its way around social media:

One of NASCAR’s most prominent drivers steps in the middle of a NASCAR controversy Sarah Crabill / Getty Images
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