Analyst believes there's a creative solution so Danica Patrick can race in 2018


Danica Patrick still doesn't have a ride for the Indy 500, and her options have dwindled as teams have filled up spots for the May race.

Despite her options being limited, analyst Robin Miller still believes Patrick will race in the Indy 500 because the IndyCar Series will want it to happen.

"I'm starting to think she threw the idea out there without having a sponsor lined up, so right now I'd say her best shot is if IndyCar picks up the tab, because it definitely wants her in the show," Miller said. "So, yes, I think it will happen, but even though Ganassi admitted he'd talked with her people, there's not been any movement lately in terms of a sponsor."

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Patrick also wants to race in the Daytona 500, but she doesn't have a team for that race either. There were rumors Patrick could race for Chip Ganassi Racing since the team had a spot at both Daytona and the Indy 500, but those talks haven't produced anything yet.

If the IndyCar Series wants Patrick in the race, she will likely be there -- even if they have to foot the bill. Patrick will likely boost ratings and intrigue around the race, so it's a win-win for the sport.

It's far from a foregone conclusion, and there are still details to be worked out before she signs a deal to compete in the race.

The Daytona 500 might be trickier, but there's a chance she could be left out as the race is less than two months away.


It would be good for racing if Patrick can compete in both -- especially the Indy 500 given her success and history in the IndyCar Series.