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This week in NASCAR, Dale Sr. edition: Readers sound off on insensitive comments

Alt-Driver readers have a message for Michael Felger -- don't mess with Dale Earnhardt senior.

For those who don't recall, Felger is the Boston radio host who' made vile remarks about the death of baseball great Roy Halladay, and then lashed into Dale Sr. when he said, "Was it Dale Earnhardt who died? The race car driver who died? I root for the wall. I really do. That ain't no tragedy ... I'm supposed to feel bad for you? Give me a break. Oh God," he said.

He apologized and was taken off the air for a few days by a Boston radio station. But Alt-Driver readers were infuriated and it's the story that dominated the week with thousands of comments. Here's a sampling of what they said, and beware -- people were pissed and showed it in their use of language.

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Jon Snow Hopefully this asshole gets fired totally disrespectful to two great athletes that died tragically especially bringing up Dale Earnhardt to some whom think myself included was the greatest driver of all time in Nascar competition.

Teri Brigham Put him on a radio broadcast in Talladega Alabama and see if he walks out the door alive saying it there..holy shit what an asshole!

Kristy Freeman Wow I hope both of these families get justice for their loved ones because this guy doesn't deserve to be on the air. For those who dislike either of these athletes keep that shit to yourself because your being just as heartless and insensitive as the asswipe on the radio. They have families too what if it was about you. You wouldn't like it one bit. Karma is bitch.

Jane Bonner This is one sick, sick, sick man that is looking for his 15 minutes (maybe only 11 minutes) of shock radio. I can't believe sponsors would really want him on the radio.

Dennis Amnott What's the easiest way to deal with asshole radio pukes? STOP WASTING YOUR TIME LISTENING TO THEM. PUT THEM ON UNEMPLOYMENT!! I suppose he will cheer if Tom Brady suffers a career ending injury.

Jennifer Luciano Kingston I'm rooting for KARMA!!! What an ASSHAT! And hey ASSHOLE get your facts straight before you go on your little "Rants"....

Carl Warren Sudbrink Michael Felger, what does this guy matter? His disgusting opinions are of his own. The question is, does the radio station, support his opinions? People like this have their own self importance and they actually believe they have something worth while to say when all they have is a bunch of hot air that smells like an old fart in the wind.

Nola Vaughn What an idiot!!!!! I hope he gets fired!!!! To be so disrespectful to the deceased! !!!!! He needs a slap down!!!!

What was all the ruckus about? Here are the comments that started it all. His rude remarks