A racer’s mom told his opponent to take it easy on him Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images

Johann Zarco qualified in the front row with Marc Marquez for the Grand Prix of Valencia, and the two motorcyclists were expected to contend and compete with each other for the win.

The race was expected to be highly contested between the two, and Marquez’s mom was so worried about the outcome that she asked Zarco to take it easy on her son.

According to FOX Sports, Marquez’s mom approached Zarco before the race.

“His mom told me yesterday, ‘please Zarco, take it easy!” Zarco said.

“I was just going to my bed and was with my scooter, and she was walking. She say, ‘oh Zarco, take it easy.’

“And I say, ‘yes, I’m gonna listen to you mom, don’t worry.’ But Marc listen to his mom even more than I was listening today.”

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Marquez ended up finishing one spot behind Zarco at the Grand Prix in Valencia. Zarco finished second, while Marquez finished third.

Marquez’s mom probably wasn’t too pleased with Zarco after the outcome of the race, but Marquez still had a good run.

Perhaps next time Zarco will be more gracious if his opponent’s mom requests him to take it easy on her son.

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