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8 NASCAR Drivers Who’d Make for Awesome Drinking Buddies

Even if you're not a diehard NASCAR fan, it's hard to find a more powerful encapsulation of the common man in America, at least from a sports perspective, than a NASCAR driver. Just like the folks over at Green Lumber, NASCAR drivers are men who give a damn. They're red-blooded Americans. They're the kinds of guys you'd want to throw back a couple of cold ones with.

Of course, some would probably make better drinking buddies than others. That's why we put together a list of eight NASCAR drivers who would be most likely be all about slamming beers and having a great time.

8. Chase Elliott

Chase Elliott's a pretty popular guy. In 2014 and 2015, the Dawsonville, Georgia native was voted the NASCAR Xfinity Series Most Popular Driver, and in 2018, he received the prestigious honor of Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Most Popular Driver.

Hey, it's not like you'd want to drink with someone who wasn't popular, right? Chase seems like the kind of guy who'd cover everyone's bar tab without even blinking an eye.

7. Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin was known to throw quite the epic rager in his day when he had a waterfront house in Lake Norman, North Carolina. He's even good buddies with none other than Michael Jordan, so you know those parties had to be legendary.

Of course, he does have two kids now, so Denny probably doesn't party as much as he used to. Though, I'm sure he'd still be down to tell a story or two over a couple beers and relive his glory days.

6. Kevin Harvick

Considering that he was formerly sponsored by Budweiser and is currently sponsored by Busch, you have to imagine that Kevin Harvick likes his beer. After winning the Cup Series championship back in 2014, Harvick and his team apparently tore through 80 CASES! That's 1,920 beers. Aka a hell of a lot of beer.

Now, how many of those were drank and how many were just sprayed all over the place? That wasn't technically determined.

5. Austin Dillon

Everyone needs a drinking buddy who's a wildcard, and Austin Dillon is definitely a wildcard. After winning the 2018 Daytona 500, Dillon got a tattoo that just said "Daytona 500 champ." On his butt.

The Ace (that's his nickname) also lives in a barn, which as we all probably know, is one of the most underrated places to throw a couple back.

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4. Kurt Busch

You know that Kurt Busch, having competed as a full-time NASCAR driver for nearly 20 years, has plenty of epic stories under his belt. He's gotten to face off against some absolute legends of the game -- Dale Earnhardt (RIP) famously flipped him the bird during the 2001 Daytona 500 -- and, despite racing in a new era of the sport, he has an appreciation for racing's glory days.

Oh, and the older brother of Kyle Busch likes to party, too. After winning the 2017 Daytona 500, He famously partied with former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was pulling for Busch to win "because he's the man." High praise from one of the most renowned partiers of the 21st century.

Then, there was the time he rented out a house near Wrigley Field and hosted about 100 people during a Cubs game.

Per Bleacher Report:

More than anything, Busch acted like just your average guy, toasting his friends, hugging them hello and goodbye and acting not as a driver, but only as a diehard Cub fan for the entire evening.

Oh yeah, and he picked up the tab for the whole night, worth a reported $20,000.

3. Brad Keselowski

Here's the thing: Brad Keselowski likes to drink beer and he likes to party. He's been known to kick it with fans, BYOB style, so you know that 1) he's no mooch and 2) he likes to have a good time.

How about the time he gave free beer to Martin Truex Jr., with a nice handwritten note attached, after they had just raced each other? I mean, who does that? And, of course, who can forget his infamous drunken interview on SportsCenter, moments after winning the 2012 Cup Series championship? You chug a giant beer on national television, you go down as a beer-drinking legend. It's as simple as that.

2. Clint Bowyer

Clint Bowyer has a lot of crazy party stories. A LOT.

Even though his crazy times are behind, Bowyer's from Kansas, so you know he can still get after it. Use the below video as exhibit A, B, and C.

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Jr. may not be as good as Clint Bowyer at shotgunning beer, but the part-time Xfinity Series driver can still hang with the best of them. As a 15-time Most Popular Driver, the guy's likable as hell. As the son of the late Dale Earnhardt, he's got old school NASCAR stories for days.

Hey, there's a reason the Charlotte bar owner, NBC Sports commentator, and podcast host has found incredible success even after his full-time racing days. He's a true man of the people.

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