Restore, race or junk: Decision time for the $200 C43 AMG LegitStreetCars/Youtube

If you missed the first video on the cheapest AMG car that’s ever sold, let me fill you in. A couple weeks ago, I bought a 1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG for a whopping $200. It’s a clean title car that runs and drives and had ten previous owners. During that time, at least one owner decided it was a good idea to take a rare classic AMG car and destroy it with loads of bondo and a cheesy body kit.

This time, I lift the C43 in the air for a complete inspection. I look over all the important mechanical aspects of the car, common failure points and then I move on to some of the sketchiest work I’ve ever seen. You’re not going to believe how hacked up some of the modifications are on this car. You have to watch the video, but let’s put it this way, the car’s body kit was molded using the same drywall corner bead material you’d see in your house. The wiring under the car uses wire nuts like you would see in a house and there are parts of the exhaust that are straight welded to the body. Its absolutely crazy.


In the end, I reveal the fate of the C43 AMG, and no it’s not getting full coverage insurance and then being set on fire. The car is going back to its racing roots in the most hilarious way possible. Check out the video and try not to vomit too much when you get to the under-body work, if you can even call it that.

Alex Palmeri About the author:
Alex Palmeri graduated with an Associates in Automotive Technology and started his career with Mercedes-Benz as an apprentice and shortly after a Master Technician. Currently Alex works as shop foreman in a large fleet repair facility. Aside from writing his automotive passion is very diverse. Alex’s car collection consists of ...Read more
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