Will Matt come back, Danica on the track, and other NASCAR random thoughts


Happy New Year to all of our Alt-Driver readers. It promises to be a terrific one on the track, and as usual, we have some thoughts about what happened the last week of 2017.

Matt Kenseth says he might be on the track again

He said he may come back for some dirt races. How cool would that be? It's bad enough he doesn't have a ride in the Cup series -- his win at Phoenix proved that he can still run. But at least he'd be on the track, and that's a plus for any fan of racing. Is he serious? We'll see soon enough. But it would be very cool.

Here's how Danica Patrick could race in the Indy 500

The answer -- if IndyCar pays the freight.  It's an option Robin Miller of Race.com floated, and it's the same that I've advocated every since her racing options started falling apart. In addition to the Indy 500, she wants to race at Daytona for one last time, and if NASCAR is smart, they'll consider a similar plan -- pay for her ride for one race. Her presence alone would boost fan interest in both of those races, so I only have one question -- what are they waiting for?

NASCAR is thinking about building a track in Mississippi

Maybe that brings a sense of excitement, but my question is, why? Tracks across the country aren't selling out, and I would think the first thing NASCAR would want to do is work on a plan that stabilizes and then boosts attendance. Remember, NASCAR's track attendance has declined for nine-straight years and it looks like 2017 will make it the 10th straight. More is not better, and it seems to me NASCAR should fix a problem before creating another one.


Quick hits:

  • Kenny Bruce said goodbye after losing his job at NASCAR.com. That's a real blow to any of us who follow the sport.
  • We need to crack down -- hard -- on illegal street racing. The results turn tragic too often
  • Miller Coors leaving NASCAR as its main beer sponsor. Is Monster Energy next?
  • Tommy Joe Martins shuts down his truck team. It's just too hard for a small owner to make it work anymore.
  • Elderly couple got busted with 60 pounds of pot in their car that they said they were giving away a Christmas presents. Talk about a happy holiday
  • Jamie McMurray looked at the NASCAR landscape and knows his time is coming to an end. Root for the veteran this season.
  • NASCAR fans voted Dale Earnhardt Sr. as the greatest of all time. Duh.