How Much a Three-Car Garage with a Two-Post Lift Costs


Since I started making YouTube videos, I have received many questions about my garage and my two-post car lift. It's nothing spectacular but rather something that looks within reach for most, and I think that's why I get so many questions.

In my latest video on the LegitStreetCars YouTube channel, I cover the dimensions and specs of the garage and lift, along with their cost. I also show everyone my favorite automotive Christmas Present that came in the form of a small yet powerful jumper pack.

I had my garage built about six years ago because the original was 90 years old and falling over. I had to build a garage anyway and the cost of going a little longer and taller wasn't much more than a basic two car garage. It measures in at 20 feet wide, 30 feet long; it has 12-foot walls and its 18 feet to the peak of the roof. In total its 600 square feet and in Chicago that's as big as you can go unless you build in brick or were grandfathered in because there used to be a huge barn on your property. The garage looks very basic on the outside aside from its height and length. It cost me $24,000 out the door including the additional concrete needed for the lift (5 inches), stronger ceiling joists, three garage doors including a party door to the backyard and compact side jackshaft mounted garage door openers. Also included was a new concrete driveway, basic 120-volt electric outlets, fancy window and door trim to satisfy the wife and a two-year warranty.


There is a lot in the videos that people assume was included in the build but were things I did after it was built. The interior walls, ceiling, the floor for the storage room and insulation was all me. The large light fixtures, air hoses and reels, epoxy paint on the floors and 3 220 outlets I also did myself after the garage was built. Obviously my tools, storage lockers, desk, air compressor and gas heater were not included and of course the lift.

The lift is a two-post sold by Challenger and its part of their "Quality Lift" lineup. Its a Chinese made lift to Challenger specs that they warranty for two years like all their other lifts. It has a 10,000 lb capacity and sits at 11 feet 5 inches. You can extend it out to 12 feet 3 inches if you wish but this works great for me. The lift cost me $3,100 out the door shipped and installed. It is my single favorite tool, and I honestly couldn't imagine doing car projects without it.

In this video, you also see a very compact car jumper. This thing can fit in a glove box yet had no problem jumping my 4.3 liter V8 in my 1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG. It has a bright light and ports to charge your phone and laptop. You can check it out right here on Amazon, it's $69,99 but enter coupon code ROH24J2K and you will receive 15% off.

One thing I recommend if you want to build a garage with a lift is to go with a garage builder that has experience with lifts. The builder was able to take into consideration the lift's dimensions and marked exactly where it needed to be in relationship to the door and windows. It saved me time and stress which you're going to have a lot of when taking on a project like this. Stay tuned for a full garage tour in the summer.