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Build a Teardrop Camper in 10 Easy Steps


Teardrop campers originally became popular in the 1930s and 40s since the newly mobile American public could tow them with the underpowered cars of the day.

Today, teardrop camper builders enjoy the creative outlet of building their own campers and the custom finished product they are left with.

Here's how to build a teardrop camper of your own.

Step 1. Buy a trailer frame and assemble the floor.

trailer frame wos


trailer floor wos

Step 2. Build and install walls using plywood and interior framing lumber.

trailer walls wos

Step 3. Install interior walls, rigid foam insulation, and 12 volt wiring system.

trailer wiring wos

Step 4. Install roof bracing and exhaust fan.

trailer fan wos


Step 5. Install ceiling and aluminum roof.

trailer roof wos

trailer ceiling wos

Step 6. Install doors, windows, and fenders.

trailer door wos

Step 7. Install rain gutters over doors and apply three coats of varnish.

trailer varnish wos


Step 8. Install bumper, signal lights, and tailgate chains.

trailer bumper wos

Step 9. Finish the interior.

trailer interior wos

Step 10. Go camping!

trailer camping wos

This teardrop trailer looks like it would be perfect for the fisherman or hunter trying to travel light and reach remote honey holes of fish and game.


It is also a great way to get up off the ground if you are tired of tent camping. Get creative and put some personal touches on your own teardrop camper and enjoy more time in the great outdoors.

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