This Lamborghini out-crazies any other in the company's long history

Lamborghini is already known for over the top insane cars. It's pretty much their claim to fame. But of all their insanely fast, fire breathing performers, it is the SUV that takes the cake for most crazy.

The Lamborghini LM002 was first built in 1986, way before performance car brands were dipping their toes in the performance crossover market. A precursor to the Hummer H1, the LM002 had all the capability the later military-turned-civilian truck would have, but with an Italian flair.

Powered by a V12 engine from a Countach, the LM002 had 500 horsepower on tap. In the 80s! The interior has enough levers to make a Semi truck driver sweat and the ignition and controls are haphazardly placed in whatever spot they would fit.

The rear area has a diamond plated cargo space and jump seats for carrying the prom queen in the local parade. The driving experience is as weird as you would expect. Heavy controls all around mean you need to be as strong as the truck looks. On the road it is surprisingly composed for such a brutish machine. And while they didn't take it off road to test the capability that the looks suggest, they did go through some tunnels and scare some people on a narrow bridge.

An amazing specimen to be sure, and if you have the money to fill the 76 gallon fuel tank, $5,000 per tire, and the $400,000 price tag for the car itself, you too can own the most ridiculous Lamborghini, ever.

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