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Old Jeep Crosses Earthquake-Ravaged Road in Alaska


Is it off-roading when you're technically on a road the whole time? Hard to say, really, but either way, this video is an epic display of what a Jeep can really do when put to the test.

Back in late November 2018, a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Alaska, causing massive amounts of damage primarily throughout Anchorage and creating treacherous road conditions the likes of which Alaska has not seen in quite some time.

It's a situation that deeply affected a great many folks in Alaska, forcing them to essentially hunker down while crews continue to work tirelessly on the extensive rebuilding process.


In the midst of all of this chaos, one owner of a Jeep CJ-7 -- who seems like a "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" sort of person -- did not seem all that phased by the quake and took advantage of the complete destruction of a road near his house in Wasilla, Alaska to have himself something of an impromptu off-roading session.

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Even after you can hear some kid warning the driver not to do it, this guy makes his way through the sinkhole with some remarkably impressive power and precision. Not many people could do that, both driving ability wise and from an emotional standpoint. I mean, talk about having some serious balls. You can't imagine that the road is all that sturdy. One false move, and both Jeep and driver could have found themselves in an unfortunately precarious situation.

As one YouTube commenter points out, "This should be a TV commercial!!" It's hard to disagree with that.


I've seen my fair share of off-roading car commercials before, but nothing like this. Tip of the cap to this guy. Round of applause. Somebody get this guy a beer. It doesn't get much more badass than this.

This post was originally published on December 11, 2018.

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