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We’ve heard of some pretty wild ways to celebrate the Fourth of July across the United States, but, when it comes to the most off-the-wall Independence Day traditions, Glacier View, Alaska may take the cake.

Per Anchorage Daily News:

Glacier View, near the toe of the Matanuska Glacier, celebrated the Fourth of July with lots of food, a parade and an airplane flyover. They also launched three vehicles off the bluff. The fourth, a Ford van, came off the guide wire at the last moment and crashed head-on into a bulldozer. Party organizer Arnie Hrncir said the team has never launched three vehicles before at the party. “Any little kid’s dream is to roll a rock down a hill. This is times 10,” said Arnie’s son, Dustin Hrncir.

Hrncir estimates the third car off the jump, an early-90s Nissan Pathfinder, reached 55 miles per hour on the 500 foot runway, and traveled a distance of 100 yards in the air — both records for the celebration.

Arnie Hrncir reported 550 guests, the largest crowd ever. Over 500 pounds of pork, beef and chicken were served at the party that first started in 1996. The car launching began in 2005.

The insane off-road craziness showcased in the video above may be from 2016, but it turns out that these high-octane shenanigans go down every year in Glacier View. If you think about it, the reason behind Glacier View’s extreme July 4th tradition is pretty clear.

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Since it doesn’t really get dark in the state of Alaska, they can’t exactly shoot off fireworks. I mean, they could, but it wouldn’t really have the same effect. So, Glacier Viewans decided to explore other options to celebrate their American heritage. It turns out that launching cars off clips was the option they landed on, and, honestly, it’s a pretty damn good option if you ask us.


If you’re planning any road trips in the near future, apparently Glacier View, Alaska is one of the best places to really get that adrenaline pumping. Not only do they have river rafting, glacier trekking, and ice climbing, but also, apparently, extreme car launching, too.


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