Is the rumor of the Ford Bronco's solid front axle just wishful thinking?

The new Ford Bronco has everyone dreaming of a retro-tough rival to the Jeep Wrangler. To be a true successor to the original Bronco, the new model must have legitimate off-road capabilities. Which is why enthusiasts were excited to hear an Automotive News report that Dana would provide their "AdvanTEK gear technology" axles for both the front and rear of the new Bronco. Automotive news concluded that this would all but guarantee solid front and rear axles and the off-road advantages those bring.

While Ford has insisted that the Bronco will be capable off the pavement, Jalopnik's David Tracy is not so sure about the axles. Though Automotive News assumed Dana would be providing solid axles, "AdvanTEK" technology shows up in both solid and independent front axle setups on Dana's website.

Since this doesn't prove either way which front axles the new Bronco will be getting, we are still left to speculate. Until proven otherwise, though, let's remain hopeful that Ford will follow through on its tough, capable promises.

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