With the winter season quickly approaching, you’re going to want to be properly prepared for when that first major snow storm hits. Unless you happen to live in a place where it never snows, in which case, enjoy hanging out on the beach and sipping your fruity drinks, you jerks.

But, what do you do when you’re covered in snow and you don’t own a fancy snow plow like your neighbor? Well, you build you own snow plow mount and attach it to the back of your mini van, then just throw that sucker in reverse just like genius YouTuber Dan Comeau did in the above video.

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Per Dan Comeau/YouTube:

After a winter snowstorm, that also gave us plenty of rain on top of the snow, everybody is out trying to clear their snow, or having others clearing it for them. Tractors and loaders and every other means of snow fighting machine are out there. And my minivan snowplow is also clearing some of that heavy snow. First step was to make a path to the road and break through the snowbank left by the plow, then later on I turned the van around and cleared my yard, bringing all the snow back onto my property and getting it stacked along the property line.

We’ve seen plenty incredible instances of redneck ingenuity in our day, but this homemade snow plow is really something else. It had to have saved this guy a decent amount of money, not to mention that it seems relatively simple and effective, with the snow plow blade being pretty proficient at snow removal.

Suffice to say, this is the best use of a mini van we’ve seen in a LONG time.

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