airstream basecamp

Airstream's Basecamp Is the Luxury Trailer You Never Knew You Needed

They say that good things come in small packages, and the Airstream Basecamp is certainly proof of that. At 16 feet long and less than 3,000 pounds of hitch weight, this compact, easy-to-tow travel trailer comes with everything you might need to make that next camping trip in style.

It comes stocked with a full toilet and shower, a cooktop, a stainless steel sink and refrigerator, and a built-in bed that sleeps two. That's a lot of awesome stuff stacked in as much square feet as possible. As a special add-on, you can attach a fully enclosed patio tent for extra storage space and protection from any intrusive wildlife. I'm not too sure how well it can stand up against bears, though.

On top of all that, the Basecamp can ride over just about any type of terrain, so it doesn't matter how far off the beaten path you plan on going: This thing is an off-roading beast. You sold yet?

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The base price for the Basecamp runs around $35,000, but for an extra $5,000, you can buy the new Basecamp X package. Because everyone loves a good old fashioned upgrade.

Specially designed to increase your off-roading capabilities, the Basecamp X comes with a 3-inch lift kit to boost ground clearance and is also outfitted with all-terrain tires from Goodyear. The stainless steel front stone guard adds to the trailer's sleek luxury look, while a solar protector for the tempered tinted windows is perfect for added comfort and privacy.

Yeah, it doesn't really get much cooler than that. If this is the future of luxury camping, I'm definitely on board. Now to start saving up some money...

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