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Woody Harrelson injures wrist in motorcycle accident

Actor Woody Harrelson recently sustained a minor wrist injury in a motorcycle accident as he headed to a podcast recording.

The incident occurred as Harrelson traveled to record an episode of "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend" with fellow actor Ted Danson. He avoided a major injury but he did go over the handlebars after a collision with a Tesla.

"A tumble is a fair term. I did go over my handlebars," Harrelson said in response to a question from Conan O'Brien. "I was honestly and embarrassingly passing this Tesla on the left that I felt was moving a little slow, and I didn't realize he was moving slow because he was taking a left. (I was) on a motorcycle."

The veteran actor said that he hit his head in the motorcycle crash. However, he was wearing a helmet, so he avoided injury.

As Harrelson explained, he frequently uses a motorcycle when traveling around Los Angeles. He called the method of transportation "the shortest distance between two points" in the City of Angels, a city known for its traffic issues.

Harrelson received some treatment on his wounded wrist after the motorcycle crash, albeit not from a licensed physician. Instead, he turned to a man who played both a doctor and a lawyer in different projects.

As O'Brien noted during the podcast episode, Harrelson had his hand wrapped in a rather cartoonish manner. He even had an ice bag attached to the bandage.

"That's because I wrapped it," Danson said. "I wrapped it, and I thought it looked funnier that way."

The crash itself was no laughing matter, but the two actors found some humor in the situation. This included a joke about how Danson "made" Harrelson disrobe while receiving treatment in the bathroom.