The week in NASCAR, Brian France edition: What Alt-Driver readers have to say


As there always is in NASCAR. there's been a lot of news. But the three big stories this week involved NASCAR CEO Brian France. With TV ratings at an all-time low, sponsors fleeing teams, and popular drivers having a hard time finding sponsors, France has assured the fan base that all if well in NASCAR.

Judging from the thousands of comments we've received, it doesn't appear as if fans are buying it. Here's a sampling of their comments. As always, NASCAR fans are a vocal bunch and sometimes express themselves colorfully (in other words, NSFW for language).

On Brian France believing NASCAR is on solid footing

Bruce Rezmer Brian France is an absolute fool, and is destroying NASCAR, look at the stands, the writing is on the wall and sponsors are seeing it.

Kim Jungers Let's get back to the basics and let em race! Yea I like the safety your doing but let the boys be boys (and Danica) race! Nothin wrong with beatin and bangin on each other! NASCAR is totally pussifying the sport!


Paul Kasishke Sr Brian France is destroying what his Father and Grandfather built. NASCAR sucks to watch now, give in to the few to piss off the many!

Kenneth Horn To the death of nascar your time has came and its time to wake up nascar is done

Eddy Alonso They've killed the golden goose.

On NASCAR going up against the NFL on Sunday

Larry McCarra Don't blame the NFL for your rating going down. No one is watching the NFL games on Sunday, Monday or Thursday. These idiot NFL players, coaches, owners and Goodell just don't get it. If you piss off the people who buy your tickets, jersey's and other items, what do you think is going to happen. I see bankruptcies in there near future. NASCAR is doing the same thing just in a different way. All these stupid rule changes that they have done over the past 2 or 3 years is killing nascar. They need to bring back the old rules and just let these guys race. Get the politics out of nascar now or just shut the damn doors.


Paul Smith I don't think the Sunday NFL schedule has much to do with NASCAR ratings falling. It's the stupid rules and how often they change and make them up as they go; (last week with JJ's pit stop) and my biggest sore point is drivers should stick with the series they are racing for points in for the championship; Cup driver should NEVER be allowed to drive in the Xfinity series, PERIOD. NASCAR should stop comparing it self with other sports and get back to race car driving / racing. The "Playoffs" suck. I thought I might like the Stages, but that sucks too.

Bob Morisco Very bad planning by both groups. Unfortunately it will hurt NASCAR more. Most the tracks remaining have lights. Saturday would have been unobstructed evenings to have the race. This way NASCAR fans could use their sundays for more patriotic things. How can such a scheduling conflict have happened. The NFL protests started last season and had no indication of being resolved during the off season. Come on folks this is not a matter of choice. NASCAR should understand that their competition is the NFL. And not attempt to compete for the same time slots. New management is needed. A 7th grader would know better

On a change of driving habits possibly impacting NASCAR's popularity

Karen Knowles Cardwell NASCAR has run away from it's roots. It was men who worked and struggled to get a car on the track to young boys stepping into million dollar deals. It's not racing anymore. It's just a money game. Dirt track racing is starting to fill stands again. Get back to real racing.

Stephen Lochmueller He's totally wrong!! We're not that into NASCAR because of the stupid Stage Racing format and the points system. NASCAR nees to return to their roots and just RACE!!!.

Mary Sue Frederick Glazier With costs of tickets, for all sports, nascar included, it's becoming unaffordable, then the idiotic rules.
Matthew Scroggins The biggest problem with nascar is nbcsn, not many people have this channel so half the season people can't watch so they lose interest in it. Nascar needs to be on network television not these BS stations that no one gets
Kris Morris Many reasons already stated but a good way to summarize it is this....
NASCAR has moved away from the original format it had when the sport was great.
Rules changes, exorbitant cost to run a team, drivers that honestly don't know what a spark plug is, ugly clone cars that need stickers to tell you the brand, one team, 4 drivers, POLITICAL BS, and trying to "cater" to the masses.
They need to figure out if they keep going this route they going to piss everyone off, cause the loyal fans are mad now, new fans aren't coming, and NASCAR only seems to be worried about making sure Dannicka has a ride next year and what rules change they can invent next.