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This Easter Egg Will Turn Any Tesla Car into a Full-on Fart Machine

When it comes to Tesla's future, it looks like gas is in the cards. And in the cars, for that matter. Just chill out though, all you electric vehicle fans out there. It's not the kind of gas that you're probably thinking of.

As one of the many easter eggs included in the updated software of a Tesla's central touchscreen, the new Emissions Testing Mode allows users to choose from several different fart noises. Yep, you read that right. Fart noises.

With the simple flick of the turn signal or press of the left steering scroll wheel, a Tesla owner can let any number of different fart sounds rip from the speakers.


Of course, a glorified fart machine isn't the only feature included in the software update. It also comes with a Mario Kart mode for Autopilot, a few Atari games, and a Romance Mode that turns up the heat (literally), shows a crackling fire on the center console, and turns on some mood-setting music.

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But back to the farting noises. Here's a look at just a few of the sounds that the new update can dish out.

Per Inverse:

  • Short Shorts Ripper: A nod to short sellers that bet against Tesla's stock price rising in a bid to make a profit. In April, Tesla ranked as the most-shorted American stock, a title it lost to Amazon in August. Musk suggested in AugustTesla planned to start selling short shorts in its merchandise store.
  • Falcon Heavy: A joke about the world's most powerful operational rocket, developed by SpaceX that launched its maiden voyage back in February, with Musk's personal Tesla Roadster as the payload.
  • Ludicrous Fart: A reference to the "Ludicrous Mode" included with select Tesla vehicles, which in turn is a reference to '80s comedy Spaceballs. Tesla is set to expand on the joke with the 2020 Roadster, which will include a "Plaid" mode as a reference to the next level of performance outlined in the film.
  • Neurastink: A play on Neuralink, the firm seeking to connect human brains with machines as part of a long-term goal to foster a symbiotic relationship with artificial intelligence.
  • Boring Fart: A reference to Musk's tunnel-digging venture The Boring Company, scheduled to hold its grand opening at the SpaceX campus this week.
  • Not a Fart: Likely a pun on "not-a-flamethrower," The Boring Company's $500 branded fire shooter. The name, Musk claims, is to avoid falling foul of regulations around flamethrowers.

Wow. Did Elon do it again or did he do it again?

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