A NASCAR sponsor who got ripped by fans is reportedly in a financial mess


Back in September, Subway made headlines when it dumped Daniel Suarez and Joe Gibbs Racing No. 19 after Suarez participated in TV segment in which he gave out Dunkin' Donuts to fans. (Dunkin' Donuts is a competitor, and Subway reportedly didn't like that.)

Now comes word that Subway is in a financial mess, and you have to wonder what impact that has on future NASCAR sponsorship.

A lengthy piece in the NYPost reveals that the sandwich chain's traffic has plummeted by 25 percent in the face of scandals and bad publicity. While the company is promising to spend $25 million in marketing to bolster its product, the Post reports that Subway franchise owners are revolting over a plan to reintroduce a $4.99 footlong -- even for a limited time -- over worries it will eat into profits.

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The bad publicity has come in many forms. Most famously, long-time spokesman Jared Fogle is serving 15 years in jail after being convicted on child porn charges.

But the bad publicity has come from NASCAR, too. After Subway decided to yank the Suarez sponsorship, drivers and fans spoke out,

Joe Gibbs said he was caught "completely by surprise." Mark Martin took to Twitter to call the move "disappointing" and Kenny Wallace called it "ridiculous." Fans were not as kind. Many took to social media to rip Subway for its decision, and threatened -- or decided to -- never eat there again.

It seems that Subway has a lot more on its plate than worrying about sponsorship.