College coach has been arrested on suspicion of murder following reported driving incident

When national headlines arrive for an assistant football coach at Santa Rosa Junior College, it usually means something incredibly interesting has happened in a positive way or something quite troubling has occurred in a negative sense. For Logologoa Tevaseu, it appears that the latter is true this week.

The Oak Leaf News brings word that Tevaseu has been arrested and booked on drunk driving charges as of Nov. 6 and, beyond that, he is being booked on suspicion of murder after a traffic accident that caused the death of a Sonoma State student in a head-on collision. The report indicates that Tevaseu zoomed into oncoming traffic after a failed attempt to pass another car and this was not the first incident of drunk driving for the 35-year-old coach, who was convicted of a charge back in 2012.

This is, of course, an absolutely brutal story for all parties and the loss of a young life is never acceptable under these conditions. The fallout for Tevaseu will be quite interesting in that the local authorities have chosen to charge him with murder instead of manslaughter, reportedly because of the history that he has with drunk driving and reckless behavior. Still, the big takeaway is the unfortunate and tragic loss of life and our prayers are with the family and friends affected by this horrible incident.

(h/t FanBuzz)