NASCAR week in Review, Brian France edition: He's getting ripped and he deserves it


Brian France, the CEO of NASCAR, is getting crushed because of his embarrassing performance during the annual awards ceremony. He almost threw Martin Truex Jr.'s championship ring at him and literally ran off the stage. Truex Jr. was baffled.  Here's the moment, in case you missed it:

Fans noticed, and they're not holding back.

Michael Doyle this man is single handedly killing Nascar. his speech sucked, not shaking Martens hand and no pictures taken with him, and OMG Sherry wasn't snubbed as well. I have watched racing for over 40 years and I have never seen anything like this asshole. and then there is Dale Jr. he gave him an award, but didn't hang around for any pictures with him? just ran off the stage, Mike Helton should have been doing this not that ass.

Lydia Graham You would think he would have enough brains to shake his hand. Mom and dad must not have taught him and manners. He is such a fool. Sad for NASCAR.


Larry Reed Dumber than a board, at least with a board you can make something.

Linda Rogers And, he represents NASCAR? Very disrespectful. To Martin Truex and all NASCAR fans. Time to retire Brian Fance, shame on you being so rude to Martin Truex?

Cindy Earhart Well not sure what's really going on in his head so I'm not going to crush him like a bug but he could have at least shook the Champions hand!! The show this year was way off what it used to be!! Way way off kilter!! NASCAR is losing drivers, fans and sponsors!

Melode Feller I expect nothing less from this farce of a leader for nascar! He is single handedly ruining NASCAR for all us oldtime fans. We won't be watching from now on. No point.


Patsy Grace He's a super jerk, rude, disrespectful and classless....

Ruth Clark Maybe he wasn't feeling well or he doesn' t like truex

Patsy Britton Trent He was very disrespectful to Truex He needs to leave. He also did the same thing Dale Jr.

Johnny White Why do we have this piece of trash in NASCAR someone needs to step up and get rid of him why would anyone want to be a champion with him around what a disgrace can't even support Martin truex no respect at all