Video captures the scary moment a former world champ is carjacked at gunpoint


This is as scary as it gets.

Jefferson de Oliveira Galvão -- who goes by one name, Jefferson -- was carjacked at gunpoint on his way to training. The incident happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio is in the midst of a crime wave that's so bad the government has had to send in troops to try to restore order.

The video shows a car stopping ahead of Jefferson and then a group of handgun-wielding thugs approaching his range Rover. You can see Jefferson being hauled out of the car, and then he drops to the pavement, on his knees, with his hands on the air.


Luckily, Jefferson was OK. The Sun reported that the car was recovered.

Jefferson was on a team that won the under 20 world championship in soccer and is a member of the Brazilian National team. The goalkeeper currently plays for Botafogo.