Honda forced to recall 800,000 popular cars after seat problem results in injuries


Honda has always been known for it's reliability, and the popular Odyssey Minivan is no different. It's the fifth most popular Honda, and comes in 2nd place for the minivan with the best resale value according to

The fact that most families love the Odyssey doesn't make it immune to recalls. Recently Honda has had to recall 800,000 units from model year 2011-2017, for a seat latch issue. The problem comes from the 2nd row seat latch that if not latched properly, can cause the seat to tip forward during hard braking.

So far, there have been 46 minor injuries reported, and Honda will be issuing recall letters in December. Honda has not come up with a permanent solution to the latch problem yet, but has released instructions on how to properly latch the 2nd row seats after they have been adjusted or removed.