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No one wants to buy one of America's 'big three' automakers according to the CEO

Rumors have been swirling of Chinese companies lining up to buy various brands under the FCA umbrella. The speculation concerning the future of Chrysler, Jeep and some of the smaller entities has reached a point that FCA's CEO Sergio Marchionne, has weighed in on the matter. Marchionne claims no deal is imminent and that no formal offers have been made according to Automotive News.

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Marchionne is still working hard to streamline the conglomerate's businesses to "Purify" the companies offerings.

"There are activities within the group that do not belong to a car manufacturer, for example the components businesses," He said. "The group needs to be cleared of those things."

He would also like to see Alfa Romeo/Maserati go independent, but doesn't believe they are in a place financially to survive on their own just yet.

Of all the brands under the FCA banner, Jeep is considered one of the strongest, so any rumors of selling the company off by itself should be met with skepticism.