Cops: 2 Florida men attempted to steal a utility pole, but it's how that will leave you shaking your head

The Jacksonville police probably haven't seen this very often.

Two Florida men were arrested by Jacksonville police officers for attempting to steal a utility pole by strapping it to the top of a Kia SUV. You read that correctly. Police say they discovered the suspects, Blake Waller and Victor Apeler, trying to steal a utility pole with a Kia Sorrento.

The sheriff's office wrote on Facebook, "?These two were caught stealing a JEA pole just this morning!"

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The Florida Times-Union reported that the pole would be worth about $2,500 at a scrapyard.

According to the report, police asked the men where the pole came from, and they claimed they were moving it because it was in the middle of the road. When asked why they didn't simply roll it over, they didn't have an answer.

Both men are facing charges of grand theft.