Look at his mugshot, and you'll be surprised he's been charged with this crime


A September road rage incident involving a cyclist and a 74-year-old motorist turned physical, resulting in simple assault and reckless driving charges for the aggressor, only you'd probably never guess who the aggressor was.

Video cameras caught the suspect  stepping out of his truck and punching an unnamed cyclist after the two nearly collided in traffic on Sept 27. The footage was captured by a commercial vehicle's camera, who just happened to pull up to the altercation before it happened.

According to the cyclist's attorney, the suspect, Claude Watson, 74, was unable to pass her client due to road construction, but maintained her client was in his legal riding lane and moving with the pace of traffic.  When they got through the construction area, the truck immediately tried passing the cyclist and "came very close to him in his lane, and he had to swerve his bicycle to avoid being run off the road," the attorney said.

When they both got to a light, where the cameras started rolling, Watson got out of his truck and decked the biker.

The person recording can be heard shouting to the two of them "Hey, I got you on video, man."