Winter storm ice is so bad its destroying cars in the Northeast Adam Abougalala/Twitter

Some parts of the Northeast have reported temperatures of 40 below zero when the wind chill is factored in. This type of weather would wreak havoc on any automobile, but some cars up North are literally being consumed by ice.

After the last storm, people near Boston woke up to cars completely covered in ice and rendered totally useless.

This video was posted on Twitter by Adam Abougalala and shows us how extreme this storm has gotten. Abougalala lives in Revere, Massachusetts and told CNN that his basement flooded from the storm and he has no heat, electricity, or hot water.

To makes things worse, all the cars on his street have ice all the way up the wheel well. A car like this can be looked at like it’s been in a flood, as when the ice melts it will enter the cabin and can cause serious damage.

Currently, 19 people have died from severe weather, so be very careful especially with young kids and the elderly. Check out this link to better prepare yourself for more brutal winter weather.

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