An elderly couple was busted because authorities say they wanted to make the holidays a little too merry


Patrick Jiron and his wife, Barbara were making a cross country trip from Clearlake Oaks, California to Vermont, and they had their Toyota Tacoma loaded with Christmas presents.

Except the "presents" weren't ordinary Christmas gifts. Patrick, 80, and Barbara, 70, had 60 pounds of marijuana in their vehicle, and they were pulled over in York County, Nebraska for failing to signal and driving over the road's dividing line, authorities told the York News-Time.

There was a strong marijuana smell coming from the car (obviously), and the Jiron's said the marijuana was intended to be a Christmas gift, according to the News-Times.

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The sheriff's department estimated the value of the marijuana at $336,000. While possessing marijuana in Nebraska is a gray area, dealers are required to possess a tax stamp.

That means the Jirons would've needed to pay about $96,000 in taxes in Nebraska. Now, Patrick Jiron faces felony possession with intent to deliver charges. Barbara wasn't jailed due to some medical conditions. Patrick posted bail.