Cops say this mom led them on a dangerous chase with two little kids in the car

Police have arrested a mother of two after they say she led them on a high speed chase with two little kids in the back seat.

What makes the circumstances even more frightening -- cops rammed the car to stop it, and the little kids were unrestrained, as in not being buckled in, according to a report on 11alive TV.

Here's an account of what happened, based on information the TV station received from police.

Police noticed the car change lanes "unsafely and abruptly" and began giving chase. When the car took off, police followed, and rammed it in order to stop it (You can see a part of the chase  in the video above; the information starts at the 30 second mark).

The car was badly damaged following what police call a PIT maneuver, which attempts to force a car to turn sideways and stop.

11alive News Screen Shot

Police say the driver exited the vehicle with her hands up, and that's when cops found two children, aged 5 and 8, in the backseat of the car.

Police arrested Amber Martin, 30. She was given several traffic citations, but she also faces a slew of charges, including DUI-drugs, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer,  and two counts of endangering a child by DUI.