Alfa Romeo recalls hundreds of cars over possible brake failure


Alfa Romeo has recalled hundreds of Giulias and Stelvios models due to the possibility of the brakes failing.

Alfa admits that "contaminated" brake fluid made its way into a small percentage of cars that were built between November 14 and November 23, 2017.

Owners will be contacted directly by Alfa and will have to bring their car to the dealership for an inspection. If contaminated fluid is found, they will replace the entire braking system at no cost.

Dirty fluid can wreak havoc on brake hoses, calipers and other various seals and valves in the ABS pump, so it's a good thing they caught this early.


If you are concerned about your Alfa's brakes, you may want to swing in the dealer for a quick inspection. You can also check your build date sticker on the driver door or lower B-pillar.

H/T Carscoops

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