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Twin-Turbo Harley With Hubless Front Wheel Is a Custom Masterpiece


If you're at all interested in custom motorcycles, then you've got to check out what the guys over at Ballistic Cycles are doing. These dudes are LEGIT and have been churning out quality Choppers for years now.

A few years back, they made a Harley-Davidson bike that's unlike anything you've ever seen. This beauty has a 30? hubless front wheel, a twin-turbo Harley-Davidson air/liquid cooled engine, and an all-aluminum body. When the motorcycle made its way through Sturgis, South Dakota back in 2014, it came away with, not so surprisingly, three best-in-show awards (Baddest Bagger at Full Throttle Saloon, Deadwoods Nastiest Bagger, and Best of Show at the Easy Rider Saloon).

In the video below, you can see that this custom Harley definitely made a scene when it hit the streets for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


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As you can probably imagine, the Ballistic team didn't just get this bike up-and-running overnight. It took A TON of work to get just right, and we'd say it was definitely worth all the blood, sweat, and tears.

Per Ballistic Cycles:

The crew at Ballistic Cycles was the first to add a 30" wheel to a motorcycle. Then, they took the big wheel concept a whole another step forward and added a big hubless front wheel to a motorcycle. Cutting necks and adding a few glass parts is one thing, but truly building a ground-breaking motorcycle takes a bit more time, effort, and a planning. The entire front end is completely one off and each and every part is custom for this feature.

The hubless wheel is machined from a solid piece of billet, and the brake system is integrated into the wheel. The custom air cylinder is designed specifically for the load endured by the wheel and motorcycle.

Could you imagine owning a custom masterpiece like this? You'd never pay for another beer again!


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