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This Harley V-Rod Features a Beastly Custom Exhaust That Sounds Badass

There is no shortage of incredible customizations that you can do to Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and this particular bike is a prime example of a perfect custom job.

I'm not necessarily a Harley guy per se, but it's creations like this V-Rod that make me think again.

This blacked-out beauty features a matte-black paint job with practically all the trim finished to match the theme. The red pinstripes on the wheels also break up the stealth look quite nicely. Since this is a Toxic Pipes feature video, it's only reasonable to talk about the exhaust fitted to the bike.

It's their Mystro exhaust, and it puts off a seriously crisp V-twin engine sound. The short pipes give the exhaust a loud-enough noise, but it's also a refined tone that won't blow your eardrums out while cruising.

Moving past the hypnotic exhaust note, just check out how massive that rear tire is. It gives this motorcycle a truly intimidating look, and you probably won't ever need to worry about losing traction. Additionally, it's got adjustable suspension, which lays that rear fender flush on top of the tire on the lowest setting.

The guy recording also zooms in to show the integrated LED blinkers on the rear shocks and front forks. There's so many little bits and pieces in the details that bring this whole thing together, with the Call of Duty engine cover being one of them.

The custom seat looks super comfortable, and the GPS mounted to the bars would certainly come in handy. As far as cruisers go, this bike looks incredible. The V-Rod is also one of the faster Harleys you can get your hands on, and if I ever decide to own another Harley-Davidson one day, you can bet it'll be of similar style to this one.

This post was originally published on June 21, 2021.

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